ShowBox Apk: Must Have App for Your Smart Device.

ShowBox apk is stunning. Never before would you have seen an app that packs such a massive punch as ShowBox. The app is focused on providing free access to movies and TV shows, but it is in no way just another app you’re going to forget about the moment you put your smartphone down. With the many features Showbox apk offers, ranging from multiple resolutions and servers to inbuilt Chromecast support, you’ll be left asking why it hasn’t taken over the world of entertainment already!


ShowBox apk features:

ShowBox offers some of the most sought after features in apps, and that doubles the fun of watching free movies and TV shows online. Here are some great features:


  • The app has Chromecast feature enabled. Using a screen casting app along with a video player like GrowBox (instead of MX Player), your movies can be played directly onto your big screen enabled with screen casting facilities.
  • ShowBox apk has some of the best subtitle support. You can also use the MX Player and GrowBox apps to sync the subtitles according to your video.
  • There’s a huge library of movies, TV shows and documentaries, along with more content to watch and entertain yourself with.
  • The fun does not stop here. All this amazing load of content can be downloaded to your device, or accessed in multiple player formats, resolutions and even languages.


ShowBox apk for Android:

If you’re stoked and want to get the app for your Android device, you need only get ShowBox apk file downloaded to your device. Enable Unknown Sources by going to the Security option in the Settings menu. Tap to install the apk file, and you should have no trouble installing it. For a procedure that takes barely 2 minutes, you get a world of entertainment available right on your smartphone, at your beck and call! Not a bad deal at all, no?

ShowBox for iOS devices:

iPhone and iPad cannot install ShowBox apk on themselves. iOS installs apps via dmg files. The way out? Install vShare, and look up ShowBox’s twin MovieBox of the app. vShare can be downloaded from the internet. Trust the apps whenever prompted, and you should be playing your favorite movies on your device in no time.

ShowBox apk for Windows PC:

Yes! It is indeed possible to get ShowBox app for your PC, using nothing more than a simple software called an Android Emulator. There are tens of free emulators available on the internet for free, but we really recommend Andy. Once you have installed and logged into your emulator using a gmail account to complete activation, you can download ShowBox apk file. Right click it and open the file with your emulator. The installation completes in no time at all, and you get a quick fix to watch your favorite movies and TV shows online, without having to flip out your phone each time.

You can also use Chromecasting to play content directly to your PC, using the ShowBox apk installed on your Android smartphone.

There’s nothing better than getting to watch your favorite movies directly on the device of your choice, using nothing more than the smartphone you carry around everyday and your 3G or WiFi internet. There are no hidden costs, nor does the app bombard you with a constant stream of ads. Everybody needs to try out Showbox apk on their devices right now!