Salient eatures and Benefits of Aadhar UID Card

Aadhar is a given name to the project initiated the Indian government. The project aims to provide a unique identity to every citizen of India. It’s been popularized by the name of “Aam Aadmi ka Adhikar”, as it is definitely one of a kind of identification card that is provided to residents of India. The project was launched to have a centralized technology infrastructure that will allow anywhere, anytime and anyhow authentication. Subsequently, it also refrains from categorization on the basis of topography, religion, sex, and faith.


Today in this tutorial, we’ll be discussing few of its vital features and benefits. Then, of course, you can easily differentiate between ordinary debit/credit, pan, vote id and Aadhar card.


Your Aadhar card contains some essential information that you should know.
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aadhar card details

  • Firstly, your card has two sides, the first side contains your basic information, whereas the flip side has all the vital information.
  • As shown in the above picture, on the first side, Aadhar card will contain a photo of yours.
  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Aadhar card number or Unique identification number
  • Slogan of Aadhar card (Aam Aadmi ka Adhikar)
  • And last but not the least, a barcode/QR code. This QR code will help people to get all your hidden information starting from your name to bank account to place of birth.
  • The reverse side contains, your personal details such as your parent’s name and your current address.
  • Aadhar card is printed in two different languages depending on your permanent address, for example, if you dwell in Delhi, the card will print in Hindi as well as in English (universal languages).


  • Avoids any categorization on the basis of religion, sex, faith or topography.
  • Aadhar is a single card for a resident of India including children
  • It’s accepted everywhere and is valid across India.
  • People can avail facilities such as LPG and mobile connection, open bank accounts, get a passport made, renew pan card, get railway and air tickets, and other benefits.
  • Centralized technology infrastructure will enable anywhere, anytime and anyhow authentication. Whether you want to open an account or get your driving license made, Aadhar card will help you in every stream possible.
  • Aadhar card is a first ever card to have biometric and demographic information of an individual.
  • It doesn’t matter you’re a citizen of India or not, but if you are a resident of India, you can get your Aadhar card made.
  • With just a number on your card, you can open your bank account in any bank you desire to.


Aadhar card is one of a kind identification card that no one India can deny. It’s a project that was launched in the year 2009 by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). After its great success, now the government has opened lines for an e aadhar status, which means people can access their Aadhar card via online services. So whether you want to get a duplicate copy of your Aadhar card or make changes in the details provided on to the Aadhar card, everything is possible through its online services.